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Local Area SEO Specialists

Tampa SEO Company specializes in getting customers to find your website when they search locally for services you provide. That’s a very simple way to explain what we do. You would think that ALL SEO companies do the same thing but they don’t. At least not the way we do it. The techniques that we employ are time consuming and require exact methods and protocols must be followed to the letter, literally, to the letter. The steps must be followed carefully, it’s tedious and can also be very repetitious work at times. It’s not work that can be automated. And this is what separates us from the majority of our competitors. We do not automate or outsource anything. Remember that old TV commercial, “We make the old fashioned way, we EARN it”. Well there is no other industry that I know of where that statement means more than it does than in the SEO business. We do not just add your account into a a software script that spits out reports twice a month and checks your page rankings. There is no guess work or crossing of fingers here. We simply do exactly what needs to be done to dominate the results for your business.

Imagine for a moment that you are a house painter. You probably want people to find you when they search in a specific area for a painter, i.e., ‘Brandon House Painter’ right? Sure, but maybe you also paint houses in Tampa, Lutz, Safety Harbor, and/or other Tampa Bay Area locations and of course, you want to be listed for all of the neighborhoods that you provide services to, don’t you?  Well we do that and we make sure you are at the top of rankings in each geographic area/neighborhood/suburb that you want to offer your services to. Here is a brief explanation, in laymen’s terms, about how we do it.

Dominating the search engine top results for geo-specific areas should involve four different SEO techniques. While all these techniques do not need to be implemented in order to produce results, you will find that using them all in harmony is a slam dunk and your business will simply dominate the search results. So I have listed them in order of priority. If you have the budget available then do not hesitate in implement all four. It’s money well spent. The ROI you will get back as a result of the work we do for you is simply the best bang for your marketing buck available, period. It will pay off in a very big way, in a very short period of time. Just ask our clients how they feel about writing us a check each month, that’s some convincing information to get.

  1. Creation of multiple unique geo-targeted webpages for each city area.
    Webpages should be created for search terms that include the type of service that you provide, along with the geographic location being searched. Here are a few pages that we might create for painting company, i.e.,’ Tampa Residential Painters‘ and another page might be, ‘Tampa Crown Moulding Installation‘ and yet another page could be ‘Commercial Painting Contractors Tampa‘. So lets just say you have ten key-phrases and you want to reach ten geographic areas. You’re going to need 100 geo-targeted webpages. You will then need to fine tune the optimization of each page specifically for each key-phrase and explained above.Now, you might be thinking, “why can’t I just optimize 1 page for each area and add all my services that that one page?” Well, you can and that’s what most SEO firms do. But not us, we play to win! We don’t take shortcuts with our business, and we damn sure won’t take any with yours. The individual geo-targeted pages technique


  • Multiple Google & Bing Map Listings & Local Address Aquisition
  • Well placed anchor text backlinks to geo-targeted webpages
  • Geo-Targeted Low Cost Pay Per Click ‘Saturation Campaigns’ Highly Targeted Low CostIt’s important you understand that your budget is the only thing that dictates how much business you will get from our work.Click the screnshot below to enlarge it. If you don’t already know the basic anatomy of a Google search results page, the screenshot explains it.


tampalocalseoresultsBut believe it or not, getting traffic to your website, well that’s the easy part. What most people fail to realize is that most of the traffic that DOES come to your website, never call or even emails you at all. The conversion rate (number of people who call, email, or purchase) of most websites is around 1.5%. And that’s qualified traffic too. So it’s actually more important to work on conversion rate optimization than it is to just continue getting more and more traffic.

While there are plenty of Tampa SEO companies that offer everything under the sun, we are not trying to be everything to everyone. We are highly specialized in LOCAL SEO SERVICES.

If you are notat keast on the first page for your keywords

Tampa SEO Company provides you with real time tracking of the seo services that you purchase from us. Log into your account here anytime 24/7 to see where your campaign stands and the complete history of every single keyword being optimized. It’s very easy to read and understand the layout of the tracking system. That’s important because you expect to see progress when you pay for this type of service on a monthly basis.


Easy To Track ‘Real Time’ Progress Of Your Keywords

We do this by documenting your current website search engine position rankings as a benchmark for comparing our progress for the keywords we agree on. You will see improvement within three weeks of working with us. This does not mean we will reach your goals by a specific date, but we do guarantee verifiable improvement. Improvement that will continue each week, each month. Sometimes more then others, and always 100% verifiable in real time on a daily basis.

More about Results… Give it up to a few months to get some real strong traction in the search results but as discussed, you will see improvement in weeks. Your site will gain rank position of at least a few points in the first few weeks and then your progress will steadily improve.


Outranking your competitors… Many business owners and managers think that certain competitors websites simply cannot be beaten. This is usually not the case. More often then not, your competitors are either optimizing their websites in house or it is being done by a web designer. If your competitors are not implementing proper on-page SEO fundamentals, they will be easy for us to contend with. If they have not hired a good, and I mean a good and well experienced SEO professional to help them, we will overtake their position and keep it. Furthermore, if this is true, then the immediate results we achieve will be impressive.

Now is probably a good time for you to reach out to us. You can do that here.

We offer much more to potential clients then a PDF report loaded with charts, graphs, and techno-babble that all look the same. The only real difference in estimates and quotes like these are usually the just the logo at the top, and the name of the persons that sent it to you. This is because most SEO Marketing Companies, and we use that term loosely, all use the same automated reports produced for them by a website application at to produce the same useless reports. They are full of general, generic information about your website and it’s market. All packaged in a way to best sell unsuspecting and inexperienced buyers on a variety of services that are also generic and automated.


One of the most important part of our introduction process for potential clients is our Discovery Consultation. A thirty minute minute phone consultation, during which, we share our screen with you and introduce you to our client side dashboard. It is the GUI t our analysis and optimization recording software. We give you access to it, and show you actual live client accounts. They are used to show you real time verifiable results of our work, and the history of our clients results over an extended period of time. We also use this time to get a better understanding of your target market and your competitors. We show you exactly why one competitors site ranks higher then another competitors site, and what your competitors specific SEO strengths and weaknesses are.

Our Discovery Consultation service is offered to your business at no cost. If you think you would benefit from this free service you will need to contact us here and schedule a time. Be sure you have at least 30 minutes for this. We prefer to provide services to only after the a Discovery Consultation has been completed.

Upon acceptance of one of our proposals by receipt of your initial payment, we will schedule your work immediately.


After we make the first few website edits, we will request Google to crawl your website. We request this using a a simple request form and submit button located inside (GWT’s) or ‘Google’s Webmaster Tools’ interface under your GWT’s account. Most of the time. Google will crawl the website within twenty four hours. The crawl time and details are shown by Google in the GWT’s interface. Getting Google to crawl the site does not mean Google will index the site.


It is important that you know the difference between crawling and indexing.

Crawling: When (any search engine) or Google (following a scripted algorithm) visits your website and moves from web page to web page by following the links on your website. The pages are then stored and reviewed by an automated process, for consideration to be indexed.

Just because a website was crawled, that does not mean that it will be indexed.
Indexing: When Google or other search engines actually add the web pages that it crawled to the public search engine ‘results’, also called the search engine ‘index’. The pages are ranked using various criteria when they are added to the index.

On-page search engine optimization is the key to getting your website to the top of search engines, and keeping it there. Websites without good on-page search engine optimization yo-yo up and down in the search results. In most cases, all other search engine marketing should be considered secondary. Your on-page SEO needs to be as good as you can get it.

Unethical SEO companies exploit short term loopholes in search engines that can temporarily boost your rankings in the search engines. This results in search engine penalties against your website, and can even lead to getting your website blacklisted. It id for this reason that we are very clear about the services we provide. You should demand transparency from your Internet Marketing provider at all times.

We do not provide pricing packages for our services. Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization Services must be tailored to meet the needs of each individual business. Another reason is because you cannot compare apples to oranges when it comes to experience in this industry. Our business has a long history of providing superior verifiable results.
Search Engine Optimized Web Design and Development services provided by follows a strict process to ensure each project is a success and we retain that clients business for years to come as a result.


With most of the estimates that we offer to potential clients, we do include the complete price of the development and we will honor this price as a flat rate as long as the scope of the project remains as described in the estimate document.

Our suggested SEO Web Development is a combination of two integrated development disciplines.

Discipline 1.) HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and Backbone, with CSS3 for SEO friendly styling.
Discipline 2.) WordPress, that utilizes our proprietary Search Engine Optimization Framework as well as additional proprietary WordPress Plug-ins and scripting.

The main structure of the website will be created using Discipline 1 as described above. At least 10 to15 pages of the development will be created under this discipline and will integrated directly with Discipline 2, to ensure a perfectly seamless integration. Site visitors will see no change in the sites appearance at all.

Regardless of what you might have read online, Wordrpess is NOT the best solution for creating an SEO friendly web site. While it is the easiest way for a beginner to do some basic website optimization, and has many excellent features that we highly recommend for your business, and don’t get us wrong, we LOVE WordPress, BUT… We create the main site pages using hand coded HTML5 along with cascading style sheets (CSS) and additional scripting languages. Then we install WordPress and integrate the designs to come together as one complete website.

Developing a web site using hand coded, text based HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone and CSS3 is the best platform for Web Site Development when the ‘best possible’ organic On-Page Search Engine Optimization results are your goal.

If you have blog posts in WordPress format, we will also import up to 100 posts into your new website at no additional cost, provided there are no unforeseen issues with the data import. Issues with post imports are very rare for us. It’s a good idea to have someone writing blog posts while the site is under development, so we can include them for you. This will really assist us in our efforts to optimize your website. We will provide a second installation of Wordrpress for this, at no additional fee.

Your new website will be developed on our own proprietary framework that has been created specifically with providing the best possible structure for on-page organic search engine optimization as it’s primary function. This unique SEO framework was initially developed by our company in 2006 and has been improved and upgraded over the last ten years. In addition to our original framework, we also ported a version that we developed exclusively for use on WordPress installations. In addition to this framework, we include own our proprietary WordPress widgets and plugins. This combined SEO system will provide your site with the best possible platform available today for developing a site that will support long term on-page optimization.

In most cases we will be converting your existing content into a new site that we will develop for you. You will be responsible for providing us with any additional content and images. We will edit the content provided as needed for optimization purposes. Please do not try to purposely add keywords or phrases into your content. This is not an acceptable practice for optimization. We optimize using a 1.4 keyword to content ratio.

When we gives estimates that clearly state the number of key-phrases that will be included for a specific price, keep in mind that we will include certain variations of the phrases, at our own discretion, at no additional cost. An example of a variation would be a different combination of the words in a key-phrase, i.e., if your key-phrase is ‘Orlando SEO Company’ we would also include ‘SEO Company Orlando’. This does not mean that these are the same key-phrase and will return the same rankings or the same results when entering them into the search engines.

Our goal with this Search Engine Optimization SEO projects is to establish an initial presence in the Google organic search engine results for the most effective key-phrases related to products and services offered by your company.

To accomplish our goal, we offer the following four phase action plan for your consideration.

1.) Research
2.) Optimization
3.) Submission
4) Progress Reporting

ACTION PLAN (1) Research Phase:

The first step is to research and then analyze the information gathered. We will consult with you to select the most valuable key-phrases for targeting the market you will help us identify.

ACTION PLAN (2) Optimization Phase:

In addition to the initial installations and site framework setup, during the optimization phase, we manually edit the source code of key areas of the website. Key-phrases are introduced to Googlebot at specific signaling areas recognized by Googlebot. We use these signaling areas to communicate with Google, the key-phrase we would like a particular page or silo of pages indexed for. (Ask us about Silo SEO.)

Our use of signal areas is an approved method that Google has provided in published documentation of it’s guidelines of acceptable SEO practices.

Signaling areas include but are not limited to the following webpage source code elements:

Uniform Resource Locators (URL’s/Filenames)
Title Tags
Meta Content Description Tags
Meta Keyword Tags (Yes, ask why.)
Header Tags
Bold Tags
Emphasis Tags
HREF Tags (hyperlinks)
and content within the Body Tags.

ACTION PLAN (3) Submission Phase:

Submission of optimized webpages to Google, Inc., for search engine crawling, and consideration for indexing and placement, can be broken into four verifiable stages. There are many elements to each stage. This is a brief description of these stages.

We must facilitate a 100% Googlebot crawl rate, and indexing of the new website. This is how we accomplish this goal.

1. 301 Redirection of URL’s
2. Crawling by Google
3. Indexing by Google
4. Placement/Ranking by Google

1. 301 Redirection of URL’s: If applicable, the URL’s/filenames of pages on your existing website will be renamed for SEO purposes. The old URL’s must be redirected properly using a proper ‘301’ redirect. This will ensure all current search engine listings for these links will remain intact and working. It will also serve to pass along any page authority forward to the new URL for that page.

2. Crawling: is when (any search engine) or Google (following a scripted algorithm) visits your website and moves from web page to web page by following the links on your website. The pages are then stored and reviewed by an automated process, for consideration to be indexed. Just because a website was crawled, that does not mean that it will be indexed. We track the number of webpages that were crawled by Googlebot along with the dates they were crawled.

3. Indexing: When Google or other search engines actually add the web pages that it crawled to the public search engine ‘results’, also called the search engine ‘index’. The pages are ranked using various criteria when they are added to the index. We track the number of webpages indexed by Googlebot along with the dates they were indexed and any errors incurred.

If there are any errors, they are fixed and the appropriate phases are repeated.

4. Placement/Ranking: Real-time key-phrase ranking, along with a complete day to day history, and an optimization verification record for every page of the website is always available on your Optimization Verification and Report Card dashboard that will be installed in your website.

ACTION PLAN (4) Progress Reporting:

Progress of optimization can be viewed anytime since we will be working on live webpages. Furthermore, an optimization verification record for every page of the website is always available from your dashboard. From the dashboard you will see a complete breakdown of every page that was optimized and the correct key-phrase for each page.


Additional tasks we are responsible for include things such as, Google Webmasters Tools communication, to monitor testing and ensure submissions and crawling, and integration of Google WMT’s and Google Paralytics into our online software’s GUI available in your dashboard.

Many SEO firms simply lack the technical expertise it takes to get the job done properly, so they resort to cheating. Everyday we speak to businesses that have had serious drops in Google rankings at the hands of unethical SEO companies. SEO firms are popping up left and right and simply lack the experience that it takes to do the work, so they cheat, and you pay the price for it.

We align our goals with the goals of Google and other search engines. By understanding and following very specific search engine guidelines and requirements, we get you on top of the search engines, and we keep you there.

We offer comprehensive long term strategies comprised of ethical web marketing and on-page optimization. All our activities are ‘White Hat’ and adhere to the mandates of search engines. We will never do anything that could potentially jeopardize your rankings. We only engage in ethical white hat Google friendly SEO initiatives, carried out manually.

Speak with a professional now. Call 813-816-1736.

Question: What is the best long term strategy to get and keep top Google rankings?
Answer: Excellent on-page search engine optimization. Properly implemented on-page optimization should be the foundation of your long term strategy. Begin with implementing core fundamentals of on-page SEO. Off-site web marketing efforts should be secondary. You know the old adage, “keep a clean house”.

Extensive in-depth keyword research reveals very specific search terms that people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. Research is completed for each and every one of our clients websites, and it is supplemented by continued research on a monthly basis. This results in high quality on-page search engine optimization. True SEO at it’s core. Sounds like a logical approach, right? You might even expect all SEO firms to take this professional, yet fundamental and logical approach, but they don’t. The reality is that almost every site we compete with, including other search engine optimization company websites, have not covered the fundamentals. Almost every website we see has very poor on-page optimization.

Because of an absence of good on-page SEO on most websites, we can study your competitors websites, and show you where and how we will overtake that websites search engine position. Remember how your 4th grade teacher would write in red ink all over your English assignment? We have a big red pen too. But instead of just showing you the errors, we fix them. We edit your existing website until your on-page optimization is as close to perfect as it’s going to get!

Question: Why doesn’t your company focus on back-links and off-site articles and forums as much as the others do?
Answer: Buying back-links and content such as articles and forum posts is a haphazard practice. The current trend of new SEO firms is to purchase back-links, articles and forum posts from ‘link & content providers’ or link-farmers. It is called link farming and splogging. Currently, most SEO firms are brand new to this industry. They are popping up fast, selling back-links and closing down. They are primarily sales oriented marketing firms with little to no technical experience. They don’t write code and they don’t manage web servers, two things you need to know in order to be a successful SEO provider. As a result of this inexperience, they lack the expertise that it takes to implement true on-page search engine optimization. They simply collect your money and outsource the work by purchasing back-links, forum posts, articles and blog writing from “wholesale search marketing providers” or link-farmers located in countries like Bangladesh and India. This is highly unethical, it’s outright spamming called linkspam. The sad part of all of this is that YOU, the paying client, have no idea that it’s happening.

What goes on locally in the SEO industry…

May 2013 –We were hired to provide consulting to another SEO company located in the Tampa area. The company had a new CEO with no hands-on technical experience. He brought us in because he noticed many of his clients were starting to experience major declines in Google rankings.

He needed our help for both his clients’ website ranking and his own company’s ranking. We were asked to assess the situation and provide assistance to fix the current problems.

One of their clients, a doctor who owns and operates a walk-in medical clinic in Clearwater, refused to pay his bill after he was alerted to problems with the services rendered. He even warned of possible litigation due to damages he had received as a result.

After researching the client’s complaints, we found them to be valid. In fact, this client’s website, a medical clinic mind you, had over 3,000 unrelated back-links to it. Links from websites all over the world, including pornographic sites and sites that discussed the selling of illegal weapons in Russia.

Although it gave them a short term boost in the rankings, Google caught up with them and penalized them for having links that were considered linkspam and being linked from spamblogs or ‘splogs’.

The doctor had been paying our SEO client $2,500 a month for “web marketing.” This so-called “web marketing,” resulted in severe damage to the rankings of their website that lasted for months.

We shared what we discovered with the owner of the SEO firm that hired us. We showed him how his current SEO practices were actually damaging other businesses that were paying his company to help them. He ignored our recommendations. We offered to assist him by implementing a ‘Best Practices’ process to put a stop to the problem. It was refused. As a result, we chose to discontinue our relationship with them. A relationship that paid us $2,000 a week in consulting fees.

The story above, is the hard truth of what is going on in this industry.

We urge you to be very careful in choosing an SEO company. Check references and LONG TERM results, and remember… your SEO provider needs a solid understanding of website coding, scripting languages, web server and domain name DNS administration.

Question: Why choose us as your Tampa SEO Company?
Answer: You will be ranked in the TOP 5 on the first page of Google for keywords that drive traffic, not the keywords that are easy to promote. Work with us to identify the keywords that matter, and then let us do what we do best. Get your website listed for those keywords. Our affordable rates are based on the campaign strategy created specifically for your business and the efforts involved to implement the results.

Question: How much does it cost to get started?
Answer: Breaking down initial start-up costs into affordable monthly installments is the first step in the right direction for building a long-term trusting business relationship, which is something to be taken seriously. Just ask us for a payment plan, we will certainly arrange something you can afford. We make it easy to get started with us. We understand that you might need us to bring the clients to you first and that you might not have the luxury of paying for our services before they generate results. That is the spirit of our company. It’s the best path to ensure a trusting long term relationship. We produce results for you. We work with you. Consistent, direct and honest communication with you on a regular basis, ensures you are getting the results you expect; the results agreed upon. We provide monthly reports that are convenient and easy to understand so you can keep a close eye on your rankings. Each month you will receive a report detailing the improvement in the rankings. The reports are never jargon heavy, but plain speak. At all times, you will know how your campaign is performing.

Tampa SEO

We create customized solutions for a variety of businesses from mid-size to start-ups. Although every client has unique goals, our campaigns share a core set of fundamentals:

  • Keyword Research & Traffic Projections -Identify the best opportunities for traffic growth.
  • Perfect On-Site SEO – On-site SEO strengths & weaknesses – Link-Building quality, consistency & methods.
  • Performance Metrics – Rankings & Traffic – Total Conversions – Individual Keyword Conversions – Cost per Acquisition.

Whether you’re looking to start small and ramp up, need to revamp your existing campaign or just want guidance from an Tampa SEO expert, we can help.

Tampa SEO Training – 8 Hour Session $1,200

If you’re looking for in house search engine marketing training, Tampa SEO Company, will come to your office and show your staff exactly how we consistently rank websites on the top of Google and how you can learn to maintain healthy SEO practices when making changes to your website.

Tampa SEO – Tampa Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is not rocket science, but it is Statistical Analysis. Clearly, we are at the top of the heap when it comes to Tampa search engine optimization. It is important to be certain that you can verify results before you hire your next SEO provider. There is no reason that anyone should choose a company that has no Google listings in the top 3 results. Any reputable Tampa SEO company will show you at least a few top 3 listings. Be sure you verify them. It’s very easy to do this. Just go to Google and type in the keywords. Make sure the sites that come up in the top results have a link back to the Tampa SEO company that is claiming the listing. One of the things we enjoy most about SEO is that each one of our clients listings are easy to verify. We are thankful for that and we encourage you to have a close look at our Tampa Search Engine Optimization results and contact our clients and ask them about their experience with us. We keep our clients by providing the latest technology, great service and performance results proven by return on investment. You will find that we achieve the TOP listings for our clients. We can compete with the best SEO firms in the world and we have the results to prove it.


How is your current SEO company? Do they have your website coming up in the top 3? Why not? If you would like to know why, give us a call and we will have a look at the site while you’re on the phone. Tampa SEO Consultant will offer suggestions for improvement and we will also consult with you about what your current provider is or is not doing to help you improve your result. Why do you want your business to be listed at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Because position matters. You need more than just blog posts and links to your website – you need results, you need to be listed on the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Here is a brief summary of what to expect should you choose to engage us for search engine optimization.

Week 1 – Research and Analysis

The first step is research. We spend time. Real time, manually evaluating your market and identifying which keywords will be most beneficial to you. We will research local competitors to see how they are ranking and what keywords are being utilized on their sites.

Week 2 – On-Page SEO Implementation

No matter what you have been told, read or otherwise be thinking, proper on-page SEO is the MOST important element for SEO success.

No matter what you have been told, read or otherwise been thinking, not too many people actually understand how to do it, or they don’t take the time to do it properly. It requires attention to detail; EXACT details. One simple mistake, one letter out of place, one missing comma, etc.., is the difference between being on page 3 or being in the top 3 on page 1.

This is where we shine. 

Tampa Search Engine Optimization

Once we have all the appropriate data from the first week, we take that data and begin implementing it into your site. We begin using our keywords, optimizing your content, and making sure Google and other search engines are seeing your site, content, and images properly.

We create a new page for each key-phrase and follow the same perfect on-page structure for each page. Here are SOME of the things our perfect on-page SEO structure includes for EVERY KEY-PHRASE PAGE.

– Keyword Optimization and Implementation
– Web Page Design/Content/Layout Optimizations
– Image and Link Optimizations
– Title and Meta Description Optimizations
– H1 Tag Optimizations
– HTML Code and Meta Content Cleanup and Optimization
– SEO Friendly Navigation Optimization
– HTML Site-map Creation/Re-creation
– Google XMP Site-map Creation/Re-creation
– Robot.txt Optimization
– Google Analytics Setup and Review
– Google Webmasters Tools Setup and Monitoring
– URL Redirecting with correct 301 format.

Proprietary Real-time key-phrase tracking for EVERY key-phrase and page.

Please see the attached graphic. It is an example of what you will see. This is our websites actual ranking from this morning. The first column is the key-phrase and the second is it’s position in the Google index.

We add and track EVERY key-phrase and page in real-time all the time. You always know exactly where every page/phrase is ranked. You have login access to this and you can even add more key-phrases to it. Additionally, we will create a new page and optimize it for each one you add.

The process above takes about 3 weeks to complete but then again, it’s never complete. It’s ongoing. We continually track and improve, fine tune and tweak until we get the numbers you see on our website. #1 #1 #1. We are driven by the competitive nature of it and we are relentless in our pursuit of perfect SEO for our clients websites.

Week 3

Off-Page SEO is all about back-linking and citations.

We do it by hand. One at a time. But we also know that perfect on-page SEO will stand up even with minimal off-page support.

Again – Look at our results graphic. We have a very low number of back-links ourselves yet we are number 1 in 4 major markets nationally.

Off-page components include first and foremost 100% White Hat implementation, starting with proper anchor text key-phrase ratio.

Directory Submission: We get your name out there by submitting strategic links on high-ranking websites.

Business Listings & Citations: We create business listings in several high-ranking business databases.

*** We prefer to purchase back-links for you one by one from relative sites that have a page rank of 3 or better. We identify them, contact the owners, get the lowest price and then notify you for approval. ***

In summary, our goal is the top 5. We have no interest in anything less. Each site and market is different. No program is the same. We do not outsource any of our work. We do not use any type of automated software to achieve rankings.

Tampa SEO Company Prices

One of the most common questions that we answer with regard to On-Page SEO is, “What does it cost for us to clean up your website and implement complete On-Page SEO Optimization across the entire site?” Cost is determined by the number of pages optimized. Our cost is $400 per page.

Our proposals will detail the initial research and technical work that is necessary to get your website prepared for proper search engine optimization. We only offer priced proposals after a phone consultation, providing detailed information and hands-on techniques and coding for optimization specific to your existing website.

We often recommend converting your website into the popular database powered CMS, WordPress format. Your new WordPress site will usually be created with a matching design that will be very close to what you have now. Clean and sharp with good use of white space.

SEO services covered under this proposal includes hands-on ‘On-Page’ SEO that will encompass your overall needs and drill down to focus on specific local areas such as Tampa, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Sarasota, Bradenton, and the surrounding area.

Services also includes page creation based on popular high traffic key-phrases related to counseling and similar key-phrases. We will research and identify the best phrases, create the pages, and implement the SEO with a goal of getting these pages ranked in the top 5 organic listings in the Google search index.

Our proposals does not include any monthly costs, and we do not have annual contracts.

Should you choose us to do the work outlined in one of our proposals, you will enjoy a number of additional benefits like free managed hosting and site repairs. After that two months you will know if we will be cost effective for you or not. If we are cost effective, and we strive to be, we will discuss your budget and what your monthly investment should be in order to chive your goals.

Your monthly fees are based on the number of key-phrases we are optimizing for you. Currently, our minimum price starts at $699 per month.

Your website information will added into our real-time keyword tracking at and we will be adding more key-phrases and integrating Google Analytic’s, Social Networks and Google Adwords. This system is the best of it’s kind and is available for you 24/7 for as long as you care to use it, even if you choose a different firm. We hope it helps you keep an eye on your results.

We take our customers business very seriously and treat it like our own. We do not engage in any of the Black or Grey Hat behaviors that we discussed like back-linking wheels and spamming articles. We protect you from harm.

We retain our clients for the long run because we make ourselves available, we do our own work, and we are a highly technical company that is there for your Internet support no matter what you need from development to hosting to SEO. We don’t outsource anything. We are not a traditional marketing company. We are a very small group of Linux professionals and we have created some successful and some not so successful start-ups. We are local company that got it start in 1997 right here in Central Florida.

Tampa SEO

Tampa SEO Company is owned and operated by SEO Consultants. SEO Consultants also owns and operates, the most successful SEO firm in Central Florida. Our Tampa SEO company has success with getting our clients consistently ranked higher than their competitors is largely due to the fact that we focus on the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. On-Page SEO. On-Page Search Engine Optimization is the fundamental groundwork necessary for all other Internet Marketing. If you want your website to be successful on the Internet, you should first start with a focused fundamental framework of on On-Page SEO.

While at least 90 percent of all “SEO Experts” that you find in the marketplace will tell you ideas they have about things you need to do to get your website to ranked high in Google based on guess work and misinformation, we don’t. We focus on the basics the fundamentals, providing proven organic results time and time again. That’s why we’re consistently number one and that’s why our clients never leave us.
Let’s talk for a minute about fundamental SEO. It’s all about On-Page Optimization. So, when I talk about that, what I’m speaking of are the basics. It begins with having a good keyword rich URL. A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator. It’s what shows up in green on the Google search results page, and it’s the file name of your web-page.

So, if you’re selling shoes, and your domain is and the page name is Nike Basketball Shoes, then the page title should also be Nike Basketball Shoes and so should the first header text, which is the largest header on the page, also known as the h1 tag. They should all have exactly the same text Nike Basketball Shoes. Furthermore, in the description tag of your website that’s not located on the front of your website that is located in the back of your website or was also known as the source code of your website you will find the medicine and tag tag needs to start off with that same key phrase that needs to be the leading sentence in that description Nike red shoes furthermore back on to the front of that web page you need to follow up with an appropriate keyword to content ratio about 1.4 percent mean that for every 140 words you can use the key word one time that doesn’t seem like a lot but its if you look at a thousand words to text it’s a lot less than you think it is I often have this discussion with my clients they always ask me what can I do you know what can we do further to improve my ranking and my answer is almost always the same write more content and use that content on your own website do not do what others tell you to do by placing that on a blog somewhere else or placing that on article somewhere else you can place a few sentences and then back to leave that to the article on your website now that’s a smart thing to do but to post that elsewhere is a waste of your good content and a waste of your time writing it right that content for your own website writing contest is much easier than you think it is this contest that you’re looking at right now is helping me to write this website and discontent was actually written it was spoken I simply opened up an email on my telephone and spoke the entire article right into my phone and email it to myself and now I copied and pasted into my website this is a smart in a second wave pretty good content that you can think about right off the top of your head and then you just go back and edit that contest.

What makes our Wordpress hosting is Best?


We update WordPress core and plugins to keep your site protected.

Account Isolation

Your website will be safe even if there are vulnerable accounts.

Optimized Software

All software we install on our machines is optimized for speed.

Daily Backups

We keep up to 30 daily backup copies of your WordPress site.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Create as many email addresses, and email forwards as you need!

CloudFlare Integration

Cache content and filter malicious traffic before it hits your server.

Server Level Protection

If a major vulnerability appears, we develop & apply server-level fixes.

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 30 days.

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Have Questions?

How do I cancel and delete my account?

You can cancel or close your website and account at any time. To do so, login to TampaSEO with your email/password combination. Your sites will be listed on your dashboard. Click the “delete site” link to delete a website. If you are logging in with a username/password combination, then login, and click on the “Site Settings” link. You will find a delete account link at the bottom right of the Site Settings page.

Can I get my website listed in Google?

Certainly, once you create your site, simply post your URL to Google’s free site submission page. Note: It may take a few days to a few weeks to get listed.

Can I run a business?

Absolutely! Hundreds of thousands of small businesses use Webs for their websites. Whether it’s a simple business site or a full fledged online store, you can do it here. We also offer Premium Services like the ability to register a custom domain name (like to put a truly professional finish on your site.

Does TampaSEO offer phone support?

Yes! Phone support comes standard with our Pro Package. We offer email and live chat support options with our other packages, and we have a robust community forum where you can get help from the Webs community as well as TampaSEO staff members.

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Web hosting packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

All of our web hosting plans are carefully tailored. On top of the standard features like free domain names, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, etc., we add our own custom-made solutions to make your website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else.


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With TampaSEO’s website builder, it’s easy to create a sleek and professional website for your business. Choose from 40 fully customizable, mobile-friendly templates, and then drag and drop your content wherever you please.


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Domain packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

TampaSEO is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. In addition to great pricing and a commitment to world-class customer service, we offer web hosting, email, website builder, premium and expired domain names, and SSL certificates.


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eCommerce packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

Customize your store’s look and feel. Choose from 100s of designer made templates, and change anything you want to create your professional eCommerce website. Just drag n’ drop. No tech skills needed.


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Mobile website packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

Create a mobile website in just a few easy steps. Simply enter your desktop site’s URL and we’ll automatically create its mobile version, completely filled with all of your content.


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More than 200,000 websites hosted

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