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Net Profit's 7 Step Lead Generation Formula

Here's a lead generation formula you can take to the bank.

Net Profit's 7 step formula creates an automated marketing machine that delivers a constant flow of high quality leads to your business, and gets them ready to close.


7 steps to generate steady qualified leads:

  1. Identify your ideal customer
  2. Position the problem (not the product)
  3. Locate your ideal audience
  4. Attract your ideal audience
  5. Capture their email
  6. Build trust, nurture relationship
  7. Convert to a sale

Our 7 step formula flows like this:

Identify your ideal client

Who is your best client and why?  Together, we will define a target persona, focusing on the 20% of your clients that generate 80% of your revenue. Once we have identified your ideal client, we tap into their buying drivers. The five drivers that influence decisions and actions are: The drive to acquire, bond, learn, defend or feel. Which one triggers your best customer to buy from you?

Position the problem

Is your your website all about your business and what your business is offering? Switching the focus to address the problem of your ideal client creates the possibility to emotionally connect with them and positions your business as a solution. Researching competitors can help you to uncover ways to accelerate your positioning and capture your audience. 


Locate your audience

Fulfilling demand vs Generating demand

Do you know the best place on the web to find your ideal client? If you’re in the security systems business then they may be searching Google (fulfilling demand) to solve their problem. But, if you’re in the consulting business, your prospects may not even know they have a problem that needs solving. In this instance, (generating demand) by promoting on Facebook is a great option.

Attract the audience

Once we have identified which channel is the best option to target ‘A class’ leads we generate traffic using strategies such as Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google AdWords), Facebook Ads, Google Plus Local, Mobile Marketing all of which are designed to capture attention and entice the user to click through to your landing page. Not everyone is ready to buy so you need a Plan B and that plan is lead nurturing which will build your credibility and their trust. Trust drives revenue.

Capture their email

As your ideal leads start to flow from the organic and/or paid marketing campaigns that we have created, they (the leads) will be greeted by a targeted landing page that immediately creates the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Offer something of value (lead magnet) to help them bridge that gap. This offer, or "lead magnet" could be a guide, video, checklist, cheat sheet, webinar etc and is designed to capture their email and establish your professional expertise.

Build trust, establish expertise & nurture

Once you have their email you can continue to deliver value through strategic content on autopilot. These emails are designed to get the lead to know, like and trust you. Content that provides solutions, credibility, and establishes your expertise. This nurturing converts the lead into a prospect that is ready to close.




By this stage your prospect should see you as credible, desire what you can offer, see value in what you do and have a level of trust in you. Then as if by magic they will take action. No sales talk required, simply confirm you can solve their problem. They are already sold.

Your website not what you think it should be?

Beautiful websites that do the heavy lifting by capturing leads, converting sales, and automating tasks, deliver continuous ROI.

Need a constant flow of qualified inbound leads?

High quality leads start pouring into your business from day one. Finding fresh highly qualified leads will never be a problem again.

Marketing copy not making an emotional connection?

Does your copy compel visitors to go deeper into your website? Are you positioning the problem? Or are you positioning the product?

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Learn how to get more leads and sales with a free strategy call

45 minutes of value on how you can generate more leads or convert more traffic.