In this post, we’re going to show you exactly how easy it is to achieve triple digital revenue growth in your business this year. Not 10% growth or even 30% over 100%. This is your roadmap to more than double your business. And you’ll find out how simple and predictable it is when you understand our business growth model.

Here’s how it works. — The amount of revenue flowing into your business each month can be broken down into this simple formula.

  • 1 – The number of website visitors you get each month.
  • 2 – How many of those visitors turn into leads?
  • 3 – How many of THOSE leads turn into sales,
  • Your average revenue per customer.

These metrics combined, equal your monthly revenue into the business.

There are just three metrics you have to measure and improve, which dictate how fast you grow. They are:

  1. The amount of traffic you get to your website
  2. The conversion rate from website visitors to leads
  3. The conversion rate from leads to sales.

Here’s how small improvements in each metric compound into dramatic business growth. Imagine this is your business… You currently get 10,000 visitors to your site each month, 500 of those visitors turn into leads. 100 of THOSE leads turn into sales, at an average revenue per customer of $1,000. Here’s how your Key Performance Metrics stack up. These are the three key performance metrics you need to pay attention to. You have 10,000 monthly website visitors. You have a visitor to lead conversion rate of 5%, and you have a lead to sale conversion rate of 20%. These metrics combined result in a hundred thousand dollars in monthly new revenue. Now let’s watch what happens when we improve each of these metrics. First, we work on increasing your website, traffic by 30%. This is usually the fastest and easiest goal to achieve with strategies like Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, advertising SEO, and more. An increase of 30% more traffic to your website results in 3000 more visitors into your funnel and an extra $30,000 in monthly revenue in the bank.

Now we switched to improving your visitor to lead conversion rate. We do this with a range of strategies, such as conversion design, landing pages, lead magnets, content marketing, and reputation management. In this example, we improve your visitor to lead conversion rate by just 3%, bringing in an extra $60,000 in monthly revenue. Finally, we focus on converting more leads into sales.

We do this with marketing automation, email marketing, a sales management CRM, and expert sales copywriting. We push your leads to sales conversion rate up by 10% from 20% to 30% bringing in an extra $50,000 in monthly revenue. Now notice what happens when you do all these things at the same time. The compounding effect of these three improvements means you’ve just increased your business by 140%. You’ve just gone from a hundred thousand dollars per month to $240,000 per month with three simple improvements. So would you like to learn more about how we can help you grow your business? Like this, click, the get proposal button and lets start the conversation.