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We design websites with built-in lead generation strategies using a mix of organic search, paid media and inbound content marketing to attract your ideal clients.

What We Believe

Values are what drive passion and motivate greatness, we live by ours.

  • We approach responsibility to our clients with the same passion as if it was our own business or as if we were part of theirs.
  • We do not believe in cutting corners, shortcuts, or unethical marketing practices.
  • We believe in responsibility as an organization, within our local and global communities.
  • We make recommendations, yet we also respect our clients’ knowledge and the fact they are the final decision makers.
  • We approach our client relationships as partnerships and we do everything to make our partnerships successful.
  • We believe in discretion and in protecting our clients’ information and data.
  • We believe that a successful project or a successful campaign is one that achieves results.
  • We believe in honest measurement of outcomes.
Freedom to Innovate
  • Our teams have the creative freedom they need to design the most successful campaigns possible. We believe that a free culture helps encourage and facilitate personal and professional growth.
  • We believe in open doors, providing help when you need it from any of our knowledgeable ninjas. Any task can be accomplished with the right minds.
  • We believe that a fun work environment stimulates the mind and creates a positive attitude and good morale, and that these qualities are reflected in our work and in the relationships we build with clients.



Our once upon a time is a US based online marketing agency that was founded in 2013. Constantly growing, we have evolved into lead generation specialists that create remarkable content tailored to the people that matter most – your existing and future customers.

We work with you to understand your business and revenue goals, learning about how you help your best clients, then designing a marketing strategy powered by valuable content – designed to position your business as the best answer to solve their problems.

But that’s not where our story started…

The beginning – 2009

Net Profit started life back in 2010 as an agency known as TampaSEO developing over 100 websites within the first 5 years of operation.  In demand around the US, we taught, trained and presented on online and social media marketing strategies to thousands of forward thinking businesses across the country. Back then Facebook was brand new and businesses were skeptical when we initially suggested that they should embrace this new social channel that was being used by their teenagers.

The big shift in our strategy – 2012

Connecting with American businesses face to face is a rewarding experience and helped us grow our web design services. We saw a  pattern emerging, where businesses would see value in spending thousands of dollars on a quality website redevelopment, yet had no budget for ongoing marketing to promote their new website. These high quality websites were attracting only a fraction of the leads they were designed to convert.

At the time we could see that grey hat SEO link schemes did not work or simply presented to much risk to continue. Quality content underpinned by a direct response website, combined with the right organic and paid promotional channels, such as Facebook, Google, Youtube & LinkedIn were the future of smart marketing strategies. Clients that invested in content marketing and paid promotion that delivers real value consistently saw excellent results,  including a  massive jump in their qualified leads.

As you may have read, direct social media traffic is usually not a strong driver of direct sales, but SEO certainly is and social media positively influences SEO. This is the positive impact on rankings one of our lead generation strategies delivered for a happy client:

Client content marketing ranking changes

The ROI speaks for itself. Our client could see first hand that every time they invested $1 in the right marketing strategy they could get $3, $5 or more back. They were essentially bullet proof from Google’s ongoing algorithm changes while rapidly creating a pool of timeless content assets that delivered more traffic with each passing month and their competitors simply could not keep pace.

Net Profit is Born – 2013

We came to realize that we were no longer in the web design business – we were in the strategic lead generation business. It was time to let go of our old identity and Net Profit was born. Our new brand reflects our focus on creating marketing that delivers real value and 'Net Profit', by solving the problems of your target market as opposed to some thinly veiled sales pitch.

We help position your business as the magician, creating a strategy that is designed to build relationships with your ideal prospects because we know that the stronger the relationship you have with your prospect, the higher your fees will tend to be. We do this by focusing on your prospects favorite subject – THEMSELVES! By solving their problems and addressing their needs you will soon be fielding leads that are already pre-framed with the true value you provide. At this point they are already sold and you simply need to close the deal.

Experience what a real marketing strategy can do for your business by a US based lead generation agency that is not afraid to go beyond a one shot pony PPC campaign or questionable SEO tactics to deliver a true lead generation machine for your business backed by ongoing strategy advice and recommendations. Book a no obligation strategy call today to see if we are a good fit for your business.

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