Facebook Lead Generation

Experience the power of Facebook Advertising to drive new quality leads to your business for a fraction of the cost of AdWords.

  • Do you want to target the largest social network in the world, with over 1.2 billion active users?
  • Do you want cost per click advertising that targets only the audiences you are the most interested in?
  • Do you want to be able to turn customers who have visited your website and left into hot leads?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these then Facebook Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising is for you. Due to the sheer amount of information users provide, Facebook gives marketers the ability to target almost any demographic and interest they can think of, creating some of the best value for money, and tightly targeted marketing available online.

Lead creation using Facebook is quite possibly one of the most exciting marketing tools available right now.

The appeal of reaching thousands of people so easily has seen many small business owners scrambling to enter their credit cards only to discover they are wasting valuable marketing dollars driving low quality traffic driven to a poorly constructed sales funnel.

Save yourself the headache, use our expertise and experience and have the confidence to know that your campaigns will result in high quality, targeted referrals instead.

What will Net Profit
achieve for you?

  • Targeted Advertising That Works. Facebook allows targeting using almost any demographic (such as Age, Gender, Workplace) as well as a wide variety of other factors allowing you to target only the people who really want your product or service, ensuring that none of your marketing budget is wasted.
  • Build an Engaged Audience with More Likes, Shares and Followers. Use advertising to promote individual posts or your entire page to create an audience who are truly interested and engaged with your brand.
  • Create Customized Advertising for Niche Audiences. Got a different message for a different age group or audience? No problem – we can create multiple different advertisements at the same time for different audiences.
  • Generate Word of Mouth Marketing that Works. Use sponsored stories to promote your message to friends, and friends of friends of those who like your brand. There is no more effective way to get trusted recommendations available.
  • Increase your Click Through Rates (CTR) by effectively targeting genuine, quality leads and writing effective sales copy that entices them to click through and read more. We won’t stop there either, we will regularly clean up, tune and optimize your Facebook ads, ensuring the best ads with the highest click through rate.
  • Decrease your Cost Per Click (CPC) by targeting the best audience using Facebook’s Custom Audiences. We’ll then create landing pages that keep your customers engaged, meaning a lower bounce rate and more conversions. This means that for every dollar you spend you’ll get more clicks, saving you money on your advertising budget and increasing your ROI.
  • Decrease Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Sale (CPS) & reduce overall Facebook Ads spend. Quality landing pages that engage and convert, along with a well thought out lead funnel will result in a lower cost per lead and cost per sale.  This means more revenue, and less expenditure for every sale.
  • Increase the Return on Investment (ROI) from your marketing spend through increased quality leads and sales, with less money spent on advertising. Better still, Facebook advertising is scaleable for virtually any budget – start small and increase as soon as you see results.
  • Dramatically increase your website traffic, creating a lead funnel of thousands of potential customers who are interested in your product and service towards well written sales pages that will generate hot leads for your sales team.
  • Recapture Lost Customers using Facebook Retargeting to advertise directly to customers who have already visited your website or viewed a specific product.
  • Create Targeted Audiences Based on People Just Like Your Existing Customers We’ll analyze your existing customer lists, email lists and more, then market to potential leads with the exact same demographics.
  • Integrate Facebook Advertising into a Complete Online Marketing Strategy for your business. We will help you roll out Google Adwords advertising, create a website that converts customers and build a complete lead creation and conversion strategy that turns clicks into sales.

Here’s a taste of the results we have delivered for
our clients

Facebook Case Study #1

325 high value leads in 60 days

60 Day Facebook Advertising Program

Over a period of 60 days we invested $1,791.68 into Facebook advertising generating 325 high value leads.

Facebook Case Study #2

$433,745 worth of quotes
over a period of 30 days

30 Day Facebook Lead Generation

We invested $2071 over a period of 30 days, resulting in the client quoting business for $433,745 to potential customers.

Facebook Case Study #3

3082 competition entries and
2764 new email subscribers

Facebook 30 Day Sweepstake Competition

We invested $650 into promoting a sweepstake competition for a client over a period of 30 days. The results were amazing: 73,803 people were reached, generating 3082 competition entries and 2764 new email subscribers. Traffic to their website jumped up 37% and their Facebook page gained 931 new likes!

5 Great Reasons Why You Should
Choose Net Profit

1 We are customer focused and know exactly what it is like to manage a small business. We are only a phone call or email away and are always happy to discuss your campaign or strategy.

2 All of our Facebook campaigns are managed by real people, not an automated system.

3 Integrate your campaign across multiple pay per click platforms, we will manage your campaigns across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

4 We use highly skilled copywriters to create the perfect text for your ads and split test them – leaving nothing to chance. Our content specialists will then craft the perfect landing page, lead magnets and blog posts that compel your customers to sign up for more!

5 Track the campaign performance across all your channels with our customized dashboard reporting.

Start Getting Leads With Facebook Today!

A Free Facebook Lead Generation Strategy Session is only an email away. We’ll discuss how you can improve your existing Facebook Marketing campaigns, or work with you to create a brand new campaign from scratch.  There are absolutely Zero Obligations and no strings attached so contact us now and take control of your Facebook Lead Generation today.

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