Google Adwords Management with a twist

That twist is us wringing out every bit of waste in your existing campaign.

Google AdWords can immediately start driving targeted traffic to your sales pages, making Pay Per Click (PPC) an exceptionally effective lead generation strategy in the right hands. In the wrong hands it can become an expensive experiment which may cause you to miss out on the return a properly run campaign can deliver.

With Net Profit you will enjoy fast results with a professionally managed Google Adwords campaign by our certified professionals that use advanced optimization techniques many business simply don’t know. Combined with advanced optimization we look at your entire sales funnel for opportunities to improve conversions. After all what’s the point of having a brilliantly optimized AdWords campaign if all the traffic ends up on a landing page that doesn’t convert?

Do you need the following from your
Google AdWords strategy?

  • An AdWords strategy that goes beyond clicks and focuses on conversions.
  • Be the first to know if AdWords isn’t a good fit for your business (perhaps you need demand generation rather than demand fulfilment) either way you want straight answers fast.
  • A Google Adwords campaign that gives you a return on investment with reporting to prove it.
  • Escape the frustration you feeling with your existing AdWord results and need a second opinion.
  • Access to a digital strategist that can help you integrate your AdWords campaigns with the rest of your marketing strategy.
  • An Adwords campaign that is actively managed and reports are reviewed in a strategy call.
  • Conversion tracking to actually be setup and integrated into your reporting. (You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t have this in place).
  • More value for money from your Adwords budget.
  • Able to trust the people managing this essential lead generation channel.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then there’s a good chance we can help with your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. If you have doubts as to the effectiveness of your AdWords campaign or are frustrated that your existing campaign isn’t delivering the return you expected, then reach out and book in a free no-obligation strategy call. It could be the most important call you make this month.

Can’t I just manage AdWords myself?

While it is possible to do Adwords yourself, it’s a time consuming, tedious process that requires constant maintenance, tweaking and inside knowledge of how PPC advertising works. If you are in an industry dominated by large competitors it can become increasingly hard to compete against enormous advertising budgets.

Most small businesses in the USA simply don’t have the time, manpower or ability to do this properly and end up spending far too much, and achieving far too little. If you have found yourself spending large amounts of cash on Adwords with minimal return you need experts in PPC advertising and that’s where we can help. We will tailor, tune and optimize your Adwords campaign, ensuring more website traffic and more conversions for a lower cost than you are currently spending.

What will Net Profit
achieve for you?

  • Increase your Click Through Rates (CTR) by effectively targeting genuine, quality leads and writing effective sales copy that entices visitors to click through and read more. We won’t stop there either, we will regularly clean up, tune and optimize your ads, ensuring the best ads with the highest click through rate.
  • Decrease your Cost Per Click (CPC) by targeting the correct keywords for your target audience through keyword optimization such as negative keywords. We’ll then create landing pages that keep your customers engaged, meaning a lower bounce rate and a higher quality score. This means that for every dollar you spend you’ll get more clicks, saving you money on your advertising budget and increasing your ROI.
  • Decrease Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Sale (CPS) & reduce overall Adwords spend. Quality landing pages that engage and convert, along with a well thought out lead funnel will result in a lower cost per lead and cost per sale. This means more bankable profit for every sale.
  • Increase the Return on Investment (ROI) from your marketing spend though increased genuine leads and sales, with less money spent on advertising. Better still, it allows you to reinvest back into your marketing for even more sales.
  • Dramatically increase your website traffic with targeted prospects, creating a lead funnel of thousands of potential customers who are interested in your product and service towards well written sales pages that will generate hot leads for your sales team.
  • Integrate Adwords into a Complete Online Marketing Strategy for your business. We will help you roll out Facebook advertising, create a website that converts customers and build a complete lead creation and conversion strategy that attracts more of your best customers.

Here’s a taste of the results we have delivered for
our clients

Before and after
AdWords Case Study #1

From 24 to 177 leads per month
at 53% less per conversion.

Month 6 – Previous digital agency

AdWords Case Study 1 Before

The previous digital agency delivered 24 conversions in the 6th month of the campaign at a cost of $38.06 per conversion. Let’s compare that to our result…

Month 6 – Net Profit campaign rebuild

AdWords Case Study 1 After

We drove conversions up by 412% to 123 by the 6th month and drove down the cost per conversion by 53% to $17.76. The remarketing campaign (lower line) did even better delivering conversions for $8.17. Total Conversions rose by 637.5% and are still going strong.

Before and after
AdWords Case Study #2

From 207 to 238 leads per month
at 38% less per conversion.

Month 5 – Previous digital agency

AdWords Case Study 2 Before

In a similar style to the previous case study, this agency wasn’t giving the client confidence they had their eye on the ball.

Month 5 – Net Profit campaign rebuild

AdWords Case Study 2 After

After we rebuilt the campaign we increased conversions by 31 (14%) at a cost of 38% less per conversion leaving more money to drive more conversion, an extra $621 in this month.

4 Great Reasons Why You Should
Choose Net Profit

1We are client focused and know exactly what it is like to manage a small business. We are only a phone call or email away and are always happy to discuss your campaign or strategy.

2All of our Adwords campaigns are managed by certified Adwords professionals, not an automated system.

3We will integrate your campaign across multiple pay per click platforms, we can manage your campaigns across Google, Bing, Youtube Video Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

4We realize that the core to any good marketing campaign is content that people want to read. That’s why our ads and content are written by skilled direct response copywriters with years of experience – not the office intern.

Start Driving More Leads With Google Paid Marketing Today

If you have doubts as to the effectiveness of your AdWords campaign or are frustrated that your existing campaigns aren’t delivering the return you expected, then reach out and schedule a free no-obligation strategy call. We’ll let you know how you can improve on your existing Adwords campaigns, or work with you to create a brand new campaign from scratch.

Contact us now and take control of your Adwords marketing today.

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