Online Lead Generation

We’ll remove the headache of driving quality leads leaving you free to focus on closing the deal.

There are a number of strategies that you can deploy right now to start generating traffic to your website. For example Google AdWords is great at fulfilling demand and Facebook is great at generating demand. However without a properly setup sales funnel you may be burning cash and missing some great sales opportunities. There’s a huge ROI in doing this right.

It’s tempting to think that most of the people that visit your website are ready to buy but unfortunately that just isn’t the case. In fact 73% of all B2B leads are not sales-ready (Source: MarketingSherpa).  If you’re wondering whether this statistic applies to you take a quick look at your Google Analytics and see how many people are coming to your website on a monthly basis compared to how many leads, inquiries or sales you actually make. The number can be sobering, typically it’s 1-3%.

Don’t let this scary statistic depress you though, actually it should excite you, businesses that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Source: Forrester Research). On top of that A whopping 68% of B2B organizations have not identified their funnel so you’ll have a fantastic competitive advantage once you get an automated sales funnel setup for your business.

How does our lead generation formula work?

Our 7 step lead generation framework creates a powerful marketing machine that works in harmony to deliver a steady flow of ‘A class’ leads to your business and it starts with your best client:

  1. Identify your ideal prospect
  2. Position the problem (not the product)
  3. Locate your ideal audience
  4. Attract your ideal audience
  5. Capture their email
  6. Build trust and nurture
  7. Convert to a sale

Net Profit Digital Marketing machine

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel visually describes how your potential customers move through the stages of knowing, liking and trusting you with their business.

For example you may see a Facebook Ad by a local accountant, lets call them ‘More Profit Accounting’ or MPA for short. MPA are offering a free video on how to create a budget for your business, something you’ve been meaning to do for a while. After you watch the video you opt in to download a step by step guide showing you how to do this in Xero.

You’ve just entered MPA’s sales funnel, you now know about MPA and the information was spot on so you like what they have to say. If only your accountant was this helpful! You can start to see where this story is going.

It’s unlikely you’d switch accountants on a whim but week by week MPA continue to deliver super helpful tips and insights via email, the gap between your current accountant and what MPA brings to the table becomes clear. These guys just get what you need from an accountant.

Meanwhile, your accountant is less than responsive let alone proactive. So, you take the plunge and schedule a call with MPA. You just moved from a lead, to a prospect and one step closer to switching accountants.

Essentially MPA are nurturing you closer towards a sale and that’s the goal of lead nurturing –  maintaining a steady relationship with prospects irrespective of whether they are ‘sales ready’.

Basic Sales Funnel

A well crafted sales funnel works just like a real funnel, it guides the customer in the right direction and prevents any “accidental spillage” of your leads.  A typical sales funnel might look like:

  1. A customer clicks on a Pay Per Click advertising on Google or Facebook directing them to an interesting and engaging piece of content (Lead Bait).
  2. The content  will have strong calls to action that drive the customer to opt into an email list in exchange for receiving a useful report, video or other enticement (Lead Magnet).
  3. A series of automated emails will be sent using an autoresponder based on the leads actions (such as reading the report, visiting a website etc) providing useful content (reports, articles, videos etc), and building the customers trust.
  4. Based on the leads actions the list of leads will be segmented, and hot leads who have performed actions that trigger a flag can be followed up on and converted.
  5. Customers will continue to receive content after purchasing, giving the opportunity to upsell or sell further products or services in the future.

A critical part of a sales funnel is the landing page, magic happens when you combine the right blend of physcology, design and copy. We craft powerful copy designed to hit the right emotional buttons and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.  There’s a reason why we are called Net Profit!

What Will Net Profit Achieve For You?

  • Increase Your Sales – with an automated process that turns more visitors into leads, and more leads into customers.
  • Increase The Size of Your Email List – by offering content that website visitors can’t live without.
  • Spend Less Time Convincing and More Time Selling – with email marketing process that automates tedious, repetitive steps of the sales cycle.
  • Make Unprofitable Traffic Sources Profitable visitors that don’t convert are costing you money. Convert more of them and increase your business’s bottom line.
  • Decrease Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Sale (CPS) & reduce overall Marketing spend. Quality landing pages that engage and convert, along with a well thought out lead funnel will result in a lower cost per lead and cost per sale. This means more revenue, and less expenditure for every sale!
  • Increase the Return on Investment (ROI) from your marketing spend though increased genuine leads and sales, with less money spent on advertising. Investing in a lead funnel is scaleable for virtually any budget – start small and increase as soon as you see results.
  • Full Online Dashboard and Analytics – Find out exactly how profitable your marketing campaign is at a glance, we measure almost any metric you can think of with a fully customisable campaign dashboard. Want to find out the value of leads generated over the month compared to adwords spend? We can show you – instantly.

4 Great Reasons Why You Should
Choose Net Profit

1 Our skilled direct response copywriters know how to write copy the converts visitors into customers. Content is in our DNA (and name)

2 We’ll constantly tweak your campaigns to ensure that they are working in the best way possible.  We’ll analyze the frequency of emails, open rates, click through rates,conversions and other metrics using our custom built analytics dashboard.

3 We’ll make sure that your landing pages continue to convert customers with ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization.

4 We’ll drive more traffic to your website using PPC advertising such as Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

Turn your website from a leaky bucket into a lead machine

Every visitor that doesn’t turn into a lead costs you cold hard cash – whether its in advertising or unearned income. Contact the online lead generation experts at Net Profit and lets talk.  We’ll discuss how we can build an online marketing strategy that encompasses your entire sales process, from when a customer first visitors your website until you close.

Contact us now to discuss creating a online lead generation strategy today.

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