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Search engine friendly with SEO & keyword research

Our team assesses your website and competitors, targets high value keywords, and creates engaging and well-researched content for your blog that drives traffic from search engines, links, and social shares.

Adherence to proven quality standards

We know what works with over 7 years of content marketing experience.  Your posts will strictly adhere to formats proven that drive traffic, inquiries and support sales.

Free images, publishing & social media promotion

We include graphics for free. Blog posts are formatted directly in your CMS to save you time. Once the post is live - we promote to all your social channels with 5 social posts for each piece of content.






Other writing services

Content written

Page structures based on proven methodology that drives results

Keyword research

Competitive content research

Proven headline formulas to maxiMIZE click through rates (CTR)

Editorial guidelines / writing style adherence

LSI Optimization (SEO) to maxiMIZE ranking (title, meta description, H tags, image alt tags)

Aligned to sales funnel / blog post offer to generate relevant leads and sign-us

Graphics & images to make posts are visually appealing

Formatting directly in Wordpress to save you time and make content flawless

Automated posting to save time and schedule content posting for your blog

5 posts to ALL your social channels per content piece

Unlimited revisions to ensure content you are 100% happy

Pay ZERO guarantee

See how we've grown other businesses

case study

Explosive website growth fueled by content marketing

“Sometimes have to remind myself that these guys are not our own internal marketing team, it's that seamless.”

Mike Kernan
CEO of client in an Industrial Industry

Last year our client reported:

  • 8 of the top 20 viewed pages on site were blog posts

  • 8 top blog posts drove 170,431 page views

  • 810 inquiries from visits to the blog, with a conversion value of over $700,000

Year on Year Website Session Growth

Last year our best blog post was the #1 trafficked page on site:

  • 98,351 page views (14.81% of all website traffic)

  • Average time on page of 12 mins 34 secs (vs. site wide average of 1 min 55 sec)

  • 13 backlinks earned

  • 38 position 1 keyword rankings

To achieve this phenomenal result, we identified this topic as a high performer, then supersized the article!

case study

Content Marketing driving 53% of our client’s website traffic

"For the last 4 years, Inbound Craft have delivered our blog content, and we’ve seen our website traffic almost double EVERY year! The process couldn't be easier, we're practically hands off the whole process!"

General Manager of client in the tourism industry

Last year our client reported:

  • 15 of the top 20 viewed pages on site were blog posts

  • Blog posts drove 252,125 page views (53% of the total website traffic)

  • 1,812 inquiries from organic search channel (82.93% of site wide inquiries)

Year on Year Website Session Growth

Last year our best blog post was the #1 trafficked page on site:

  • 32,212 page views (8.36% of all website traffic)

  • 30+ page 1 keyword rankings

  • 199 keywords ranked

To achieve this phenomenal result, we identified this topic as a high performer, then supersized the article!






Select goals and tie to KPIs

Building awareness ∙ Educating buyers ∙ Lead nurturing ∙ Engaging influencers ∙ Serving customers ∙ Cross-selling or up-selling ∙ Generating new sales leads ∙ Establishing your expertise. For each goal, select metrics to measure success.



Summarise each buyer persona

Job title ∙ Education ∙ Income ∙ Years in Role ∙ Pain point ∙ Motivation ∙ Needs ∙ Objectives ∙ Media ∙ Likes & dislikes ∙ Trusted sources ∙ Budget ∙ Key stakeholders ∙ Purchasing process

buying stages


Map the buying stages

Each piece of content should fall within a stage of the buying cycle; from Awareness to Interest to Desire to Action. The goal of each piece is to move prospects down your sales funnel to become customers.

seo keywords


Map out your target SEO keywords

Content and SEO go together like fat kids and cupcakes. Don't start publishing content without researching search behaviour, assessing SEO competition, and selecting target keywords.



Build your Editorial Calendar

Know what's getting published, where and when. We create a 12-month editorial calendar tied to a production and publishing schedule so you have complete visibility of the strategy and delivery.



Develop each content topic

A topic is a content idea with a compelling title. It's where you get specific. Map each content idea to a buyer persona and buying stage. E.G. Customer Interview Case Study for the Decision stage.



Understand your medium

Where are you publishing the topic? And in what format? Blog post, infographic, video, PDF, guide, etc? E.G. Your Customer interview may be a video Case Study hosted on a Landing Page, delivered via email to warm leads.



Now that it's published, flog it!

Promote on your channels: Website, blog, e-newsletter, cross-promo in related content, etc. Social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Paid media: PPC, Facebook, banner ads, newsletters, etc.



Execute a lead nurturing strategy

Develop the rules around when a new lead is ready to be contacted by sales. Setup the systems to nurture and score leads by delivering quality content for each stage of the buying cycle.

We believe in helping businesses grow by delivering profitable digital marketing with four unique pillars of service:

Proven Data-Driven Strategy

With Transparent Service & Reporting

Tied to Client
Growth KPIs

All By a Responsive Team That Really Care

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33 types of content marketing that sell

The information prospects seek as they make purchase decisions varies immensely, and the types of content marketing you create should too. Use the checklist below to ensure you're providing the right content at the right time.

Reach More People
your goal

Attract the Right Audience

role of content

Spark a need and drive interest for a new project or solution by becoming a go-to resource which understand the market and provides POV.

content examples


Blog Posts



Thought Leadership




Tip Sheets

Industry Webinars

Industry Ebooks

Drive More Leads
your goal

Turn Prospects into Leads

role of content

Show brand and product value through key differentiators and props while showing how it supports the solutions.

content examples

Training Videos


Solution Videos

Educational Worksheets

Solution Pages


Sell-in Solution Decks

Buying/Product Guides

Evaluation Tools

Product Webinars

Case Studies


Data Sheets


Make More Sales
your goal

Convert to a Customer

role of content

Show economic value and help the influencer become successful in getting approval by the decision maker.

content examples

ROI Tools

ROI Case Studies

Detailed Assessments

Product Demos

Tailored Workshops

Custom Sales Enablement

Custom Executive Presentations

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Q. Can’t we just use our Facebook Page?

A. Having an active social media profile is extremely important for some industries. However, there are many industries where customers go straight to Google to search for your product or service. In this case it’s essential to roll out an SEO and Content Marketing strategy. Ask us what makes sense for your business?

Q. Do we have to keep creating new content?

A. Google loves fresh quality content and it certainly helps to power up your social media and email marketing channels. However, we also keep an eye out for high performing content and will supersize articles rather than write new, often with fantastic results. One of our super sized posts still drives over 3,000-5,000 visitors a month and has been doing that for years!

Q. How long does content need to be?

A. SerpIQ conducted a study that looked in depth at the search results for more than 20,000 keywords. The average length of the top 10 results in SERPs, or search engine results pages, was around 2,000. In fact, the average number one ranked page had 2,416 words. We generally never write less than 1,500 words of quality actionable content.

Q. What do we do in highly technical industries?

A. Let’s say you are a brain surgeon. Maybe you’d like to know where we’re going to find a writer with that experience. The truth: we’re not. We have developed a format that in a 45 minute call with you each month, gives us enough high quality content, from your voice and expertise, to form 4x blog posts.

Q. We’re in a boring industry, will it work?

A. Yes! Some of our best results have come from so called boring industries. Usually this just means that there’s less competition for us!

Q. How do you measure the ROI of content

A. We ensure you you have Google Analytics goals set up on your website. You can then go to Conversions > Goals > Reverse Goal Path to see which content on your own website or blog leads to the most goal completions and assign a value.

Q. Should we put it on our site or elsewhere?

A. The answer is really both. You should focus on creating awesome content on your own website first, then branch out to other websites with high domain authority and/or high traffic to increase brand exposure and hopefully earn a link back to your website.

Q. Is content marketing a long-term or short-term strategy?

A. Content Marketing is a long-term strategy to drive leads, build authority and grow customer retention. Content marketing is a program, as opposed to a campaign and designed to span 6-12+ months.

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Content Marketing that positions your business as the best answer

Quality content, the lifeblood of all marketing. Content so valuable that it immediately solves the problems of your ideal client, builds trust and positions you as an expert in your industry.

Writing that valuable content is what our team can do for you, but it doesn’t stop there.

We take that content, turn it into different formats – video, audio, infographics and promote it to your target market using a mix of SEO, paid media and social media strategies.

The art of winning business without pushy selling

Naturally after reading something informative that helps us out we want to learn more about the people that wrote the content. At that moment that person or business that provided you helpful information just went up in your estimation.

Now if the business was smart they would also have an irresistible download that provides even more value on the problem you are trying to solves, so much so that you’re happy to give them your email. At that point you probably just entered the first stage of a content marketing program.

In a nutshell content marketing is the art of winning business without pushy selling and you should be factoring this into your marketing strategy to reduce your cost per lead and attract more of your ideal clients.

Every single day there are thousands of potential searches about your product or service. How many of them end up on your website and how many of them end up with your competitors? 

Which of your competitors are solving problems for your potential customers?

Hint – They the ones ranking highly in Google and scooping the lion’s share of the traffic.

Have you ever wondered why some websites do so well on Google? Do you ever wonder why some products go viral on social media? The answer is so simple it should shock you when you realize how obvious it is. Good quality, engaging, interesting and useful content positioned to solve the problems of your best clients.

People use the internet to answer their questions via search, they use it to discover new things that their friends have endorsed through social media.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to attract customers through organic search, pay per click advertising or social media – if you want to convert your customers, you need quality and engaging content.

Get Great Results Like These In Your Business:

In order to get the results you see below your content needs to fall into one or more of these fours types: content that entertains or educates to raise awareness of your brand, followed by content to persuade or convert that takes the prospects through to purchase. That’s what we have done for these savvy businesses, take a look at the results:

Accommodation Provider

This accommodation business has been on our content marketing program for a year and now enjoys an additional 4000 (avg) unique targeted visitors a month on to their blog which amount to 36% of their total traffic. With each new blog post that number continues to rise. Here is a graph of the last 3 months:

Accommodation content marketing results

Industrial Client

This industrial client is experiencing similar results. Their blog traffic continues to rise driving almost 7,000 unique visitors or 30% of total website traffic. We took the analytics a step further for this client and passed through the landing page to their CRM so they could measure exactly how many quotes were coming from their website pages. The sales copy and blogs we wrote generate over $200,000 in quotes per month – EVERY month!

Industrial Client Content Marketing Results

Not convinced yet?  Let’s look at the numbers:

  • Content Marketing Generates Wider reach – The average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages
  • Content Marketing Makes You An Influencer – Becoming an authority in your niche. Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons people follow brands on social media.
  • Customers Who Trust You Spend Money – Fostering trust which in turn leads to increased revenue. 90% of consumers find custom content useful.
  • Quality Content = More Conversions – Organic search leads (Inbound marketing) have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound marketing leads have a 1.7% close rate.

Inbound Craft are the content marketing experts – in fact, content is an aspect of every single thing we do during the day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s crafting a Facebook ad, writing an email newsletter or article, or designing an infographic that explains something – it’s all content, and it all has a purpose, to attract, build trust and eventually convert customers – generating you more revenue through quality content.  Together we’ll create, publish and promote awesome content content for your business that will create leads on demand like:

  • Cornerstone articles and blog posts that show you are an expert in your niche
  • Email newsletters and automated sales emails to turn your database into repeat customers
  • Sales landing pages with copy and clear calls to action that convert first time visitors into customers
  • Viral Social media posts, image shares, infographics, video, audio, articles & links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites.
  • Lead magnets such as ebooks that your customers can’t live without

This industrial client is experiencing similar results. Ignoring the hiccups when they switched to 'Universal Analytics' ( new analytics version from Google) their blog traffic continues to rise driving almost 7,000 unique visitors or 30% of total website traffic. We took the analytics a step further for this client and passed through the landing page to their CRM so they could measure exactly how many quotes were coming from their website pages. The sales copy and blogs we wrote generate over $200,000 in quotes per month – EVERY month!

What Will Inbound Craft Achieve For You?

  • More Traffic & Pageviews
  • Higher, Localized Search Engine Rankings: Organic search is responsible for around 80% of all clicks on Google. Our well written content is completely Search Engine Optimized for the keywords you want to target, using genuine white hat techniques that get you on the front page of Google for American customers.
  • More Likes, Follows & Shares: Boost your social media fan base with content that goes viral.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: It’s a simple fact that well written copy with clear calls to action results in more sales. Let our experts
  • Increase Your Social Engagement: Our content is written by expert writers who take the time to understand your industry, creating compelling, engaging copy that readers want to share.
  • Fix Google Penalties from Bad SEO: Google has punished companies that have attempted to cheat the system through spammy backlinking and dodgy SEO practices.  Claw your way back to the top of Google rankings with quality content that ranks highly and repair the penalties from Panda and Penguin.
  • Create an Integrated Content Marketing Strategy: Forget writing a few articles and hoping for the best, instead integrate content marketing as part of your complete sales and marketing strategy. Promote well written content to entice customers to your site, convince them to opt in to your database and then convert them. Content is key at every, single stage of the sales cycle.
  • Increase the Return on Investment (ROI) from your marketing spend though increased genuine leads and sales, with less money spent on advertising. Investing in a lead funnel is scaleable for virtually any budget – start small and increase as soon as you see results.
  • Full Online Dashboard and Analytics – Find out exactly how profitable your marketing campaign is at a glance, we measure almost any metric you can think of with a fully customisable campaign dashboard. Want to find out the value of leads generated over the month compared to adwords spend? We can do it – instantly!

Reasons Why You Should Choose Inbound Craft

  • We know content, and content equals profit Profit, – it’s in our DNA and our name! We have a full team of skilled content writers who know how to write copy that converts one time visitors into repeat customers.
  • We’ll make sure that your landing pages convert customers using Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Content to conversions to NET PROFIT!

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